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foto: The Vasa museum. Diver under water working in the Vasa ship.

The Centre for Maritime Studies (CEMAS), active since 2010, is an interdisciplinary research organization engaged in the pursuit of all maritime studies. It is a co-operative effort of the Stockholm University and the National Maritime and Transport Museums (SMTM).

The Centre is a collaboration between researchers of maritime studies, primarily within ethnology, archaeology and history, and coordinates international networks and contacts in order to strengthen ties between researchers within the maritime research area.

The CEMAS also offers a PhD program of internationally high standards.

Do you want to contact or know more about the centre? Email cemas@historia.su.se.

Bokomslag för antologin Facing the Sea. En illustrerad gammaldags fågelvy över landskap.

A new anthology faces the Sea

Facing the Sea - Essays in Swedish Maritime Studies touches on bowmanship, the nation in maritime magazines, toys as maritime objects - and more. This time, thte CEMAS anthology is in English.

1600-talsmålning av en holländsk hamn. Skepp på vattnet och människor som bär gods och människor som


Find articles about the structure of the Centre as well as the aims and researchers of CEMAS here. 

Närbild av en kompass

What are Maritime Studies?

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