Maritime history is a well-established field of research at the Department of History. Relationship between navies/naval warfare and the rise of fiscal military state has been studied as a part of Sweden's early modern history and as a broadly based comparisons of naval developments in the world (Professor Jan Glete's work).
From 2010 research in maritime history is concentrated in Centre for Maritime Studies (CEMAS). The Centre is a cooperative effort of Stockholm University and National Maritime Museums. It is a research organization engaged in the pursuit of all aspects of maritime studies: maritime history, maritime ethnology, and partly marine archeology.

Information on Swedish website: Centre for Maritime Studies (CEMAS)

Current research

Leos Müller, Professor, eighteenth-century trade and shipping, economic policy and shipping, early modern neutrality, global history

Aryo Makko, postdoc.

Lisa Hellman, PhD student, research project on the Swedish East India Company in Canton.

Ale Pålsson, PhD student, Conflict or cooperation – examining S:t Barthélemy's national and social spheres 1790-1820.

Harry Svensson, PhD student, Naval City of Karlskrona as a cosmopolitan port environment.