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Nafiseh Moradi - gästforskare.
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Ph.D. in Persian Literature and Language
Postcolonial Studies Researcher
Writer/ Poet

About me and my Research

I have PhD in Persian Literature and language from Alzahra University in Tehran, Iran. I defended my thesis entitled “Occidentalist and Postcolonial discourses analysis in Iranian novels and stories during 1960s to 1980s, and function of myth in these discourses” on 8th Jan 2018. I was a Visiting Doctoral Researcher at Department of History in Stockholm University, during March to August 2016 and I am honoured to be advised by Hossein Sheiban, Associate Professor of History at the Department of History in University of Stockholm, for my doctoral thesis.

My research interests are shaped by Orientalism and postcolonial theories, diaspora, gender studies, critical race and whiteness studies, Minority, Margin and disability studies, Otherness studies and Mythology.

Beside my researches, I am working as a poet, writer and literary critic in Iran as well. I am cooperating with different magazines and newspapers to publish my poems, short stories and my essays and translations in cultural and social-political domains. And now I am a member of Editorial board in “Story Magazine” which is most popular Monthly magazine published in Iran.

I have teaching experience in Persian Literature and Language as well.


The approach demonstrates my general research interests. Since 2008, I have been focused on Orientalism, Occidentalism and Postcolonial theories and I have also been writing about these topics in some Iranian journals and newspapers. in the embarrassment of this interest, I began my PhD studies on 2013 by placing Occidentalism and Postcolonial studies at the center of my interest, and I began to investigate the Iranian novels and short stories to find those that were written in the frameworks of Orientalist/Occidentalist and respectively Postcolonial discourses.

In my PhD thesis, entitled “Occidentalist and Postcolonial discourses analysis in Iranian novels and stories during 1960s to 1980s, and function of myth in these discourses”, I explore the image of west and westerners in the Iranian literary context. Here I investigate of the relation between Iran and west, through a discourse analysis of Iranian novels and stories.

I have written my PhD thesis by using mainly Foucault’s theories regarding discourse and power. The purpose of the thesis is to answer two fundamental questions. The first one is: What is “west” through the eyes of Iranian novelists and writers? And the second question is: Has there been any Iranian writer who has broken with the Orientalist/Occidentalist discourse and its constituting binary oppositions, in particular the west/east binary, and has found a way out to a kind of postcolonial discourse?

As I shown in the result of my researches, there have been some Iranian writers during 1960s to 1980s whose works can be identified as Postcolonial, bridging Orientalist/Occidentalist binaries. The importance of this result lies in the fact that it regards a period of time when Anti-Westernism was the dominant approach in the Iranian society and the Iranian cultural. Another important result is that the characters occupying the position of “the other” in the stories searching out towards the Postcolonial discourse seem to behave out of the whole system of power.

This second point, is the subject of my next research since January 2018, that is after my dissertation and it’s on progress. It’s a part of a bigger project, an International Symposium which will be held in Stockholm University, History Department and entitled “Representation of Otherness Identity in Theoretical and Mental Worlds”. We are a group of researchers working on mentioned subject and result of our researches will be presented in this Symposium.

Selected Publications and Lectures


“Dialectic-e Goriz va Bazgasht” (Essay about “Theory in the Margin: Coetzee’s Foe Reading Defoe’s Crusoe/Roxana “written by Spivak) [Getaway and Return Dialectic], in: Naqd-e Oloum-e Ensani [Humanities Criticism], 2019: Vol 6, Tehran/Iran, pp. 189–204.

 “Suzheh-ye ‘Gharb’ va ‘Gharb’ be Masabeh-e Suzheh dar Adabyiat-e Dastani-ye jonub-e Iran” [Subject of West and West as a Subject in Fiction of South Iran], in: Naqd-e Adabi [Literary Criticism], 2018: Vol 41, Tehran/Iran, pp. 143–170.

“Maktab-e Pasa-este‘mari” [Postcolonial School], Translation and Review of a chapter of book entitled “Literary Movements for Students” Written by Ira Mark Milne, in: Naqd-e Ketab-e Adabiyat [Criticism of Literary Books], 2017: Vol 8, Tehran/Iran, pp. 233–240.

 “Barresi-ye Ravabet-e Beynamatni-ye ‘Minu-ye Kherad’ va Dibacheh-ye ‘Shahnameh’-ye Ferdowsi” [Investigation of intertextuality between “Minu-ye Kherad” and the introduction of “Shahnamheh”], in: Adab va Zaban [Literature and Language], 2017: Vol 41, Kerman/Iran, pp. 245–263.

 “Baztab-e Akhlaqyiat-e Zardoshti dar Andarz ha-ye Hakim Naser Khosrow” [Reflection of Zarathustrian Ethics in Advising poems of Naser Khosrow], in: Tafsir va Tahlil-e Motun-e Zaban va Adabyiat-e Farsi [Interpretation and Investigation the proses in Persian Literature and Language], 2017: Vol 31, Tehran/Iran, pp: 213–228.

 “Tahlil-e Tatbiqi-ye 5 Film-e Eqtebasi dar Cinema-ye Iran ba Matn-e Dastan hay-e Marbut beh An-ha” [Comparative Analysis of 5 adapted screenplays with the related stories], in: Pazhuhesh-e zaban va adabiyat-e Farsi [Persian Literature and Language Researches Journal], 2016: Vol 43, Tehran/Iran, pp. 27–51.

 “Karkard-e Ostureh dar Gofteman-e Pasa-este‘mari-ye roman-e Irani” [Function of Myth in Postcolonial Discourse of Iranian Novels], in: Pazhuhesh-e zaban va adabiat-e Farsi [Persian Literature and Language Researches Journal], 2015: Vol 37, Teheran/Iran, pp. 89÷116.

 “Bazkhani-ye Goftar haye Shams-e Tabrizi az didgah-e Zabanshenasi va Naqd-e Modern” [Re-reading of Shams Tabrizi’s Essays from Linguistics and Modern critique point of view], in: Pazhuhesh-e zaban va adabiyat-e Farsi [Persian Literature and Language Researches Journal], 2014: Vol 32, Tehran/Iran, pp. 27–54.

 “Dastur-e Zaban-e Farsi az Negah-e Mostashreqin” [Persian grammatics in the eyes of Orientalists], in: Majalleh-ye Farhangestan [Persian Academy Journal], 2014: Vol 9, Teheran/Iran, pp. 168–181.

“Borrowing Persian words into Arabic, and its influence on Arabic literature and language”, in: International Journal of Language Studies, 2013: Vol 7, Massachusetts/USA, pp. 143–153.


“Smile which was not my share”, A collection of poems, Afkar Publication Center: Tehran (Iran) 2013.

Lectures and seminars

2017 (January), “From Occidentalist Discourse to Postcolonial Discourse”, in: Bookcity Cultural Center (4 Jan, 2017), Tehran, Iran.

2016 (August), “Investigating Postcolonial discourse characteristics in Iranian Novels and Short stories By analyzing Dandil (1966, by Gholamhossein Saedi), The mysteries of my land (1987, by Reza Barahani), The Drowned (1989, by Moniru Ravanipur)”, in: Department of History, Stockholm University (23 August, 2016), Stockholm, Sweden.

2016 (June), “Investigating the Postcolonial Features in Iranian short stories”, in: Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies, Stockholm University (14 June, 2016), Stockholm, Sweden.

2016 (May), “Postcolonial and Occidentalist Features in Modern Persian Fiction (1960s–1980s), Case Study: Dandil by Gholamhosein Saedi”, in: Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University (17 May, 2016), Uppsala, Sweden.

2016 (March), “Representation of Iran in two Travelogues: Comparative Discourse Analysis of Passenger to Tehran (by V. Sackville-West) and Archeologue Malgre Moi (by Tania Ghirshman) based on Foucault’s power theory”, in: Orient in Literature- Literature of the Orient Sources & Inspirations Conference, Nicolaus Copernicus University (17–18 March, 2016), Torun, Poland.

2015 (January), “Representation of Foreigner as an object, disempowering it and opposing it in Samad Behrangi’s Fictions written about Azerbaijan Folklores”, in: National Conference of New Approaches to Folkloric Literature (25-26 Jan, 2015), Rafsanjan, Iran.

2014 (August), “The Function of Myth in Persian Novel’s Postcolonial Discourse”, in: WOCMES 2014-World Congress for Middle East Studies, METU (18–22 August, 2014), Ankara, Turkey.

2012 (March), “Melancholia and Nostalgia in Naturalist and Symbolist Literature (By considering writings of modern poets in Finland)”, in: International Symposium: The North, a Literary, Musical and Artistic Myth in Musée d’Orsay and Institut Finlandais (March 30-31, 2012), Paris, France.