I work as postdoctoral researcher in the project ”Letters and songs: Registers of beliefs and expressions in the Early Modern North” of the Finnish Academy at the Finnish Literature Society. This multidisciplinary project analyses sociocultural networks and historical changes in registers of expression and systems of belief. My part in the project is to analyse folk and elite uses of different poetics in early modern sources (hymns, charms, literary poems, mocking songs, etc.) and to connect these to historical and cultural contexts. The core of my analysis is on the uses of different Finnish oral and literary poetics and genres and on their relationships to similar phenomena in Scandinavian, German, Latin and Baltic languages.

I am particularly interested in the relationships of forms, meanings and performance practices in historical speech communities, both oral and literary. My background is in folklore studies, anthropology and ethnomusicology. I wrote my PhD (2013) on the performance practices and local genres in Ingrian oral poetry (1853–1939), and have also written on Karelian sound recordings of Kalevala-metric folk poetry.

During my stay at the Department of History, I will be working with two ongoing sub-projects. The first one is on five hymns in the second edition of the Finnish hymnal (1605) and the backgrounds and social networks of the writer of these, Petrus Henrici Melartopaeus, dean of Åbo and, later, superintendent in Mariestad. I am particularly intrigued by the associations carried by the features of oral traditions when applied to Lutheran or literary contexts. Another ongoing project focuses on an anonymous manuscript (1699) of an oral-styled narrative poem on the conquest of Åbo by Duke Karl in 1599. In addition, I hope to read and listen myself a little deeper into Swedish oral and literary poetics, history of Antikvitetskollegium, and, more broadly, into the ongoing research at the Department.

My home institution, the Finnish Literature Society is a learned society and non-governmental organization, founded in 1831, with research department, archive, library and publishing house. I am also part of the research group ”Cultural Meanings and Vernacular Genres” at the University of Helsinki.

My homepage is at www.finlit.fi/en/kati-kallio.