Sot.virk. Uuno Laukka
Finnish soldiers in a shelter on the VT-line during an alert.

This course examines how shifting notions of masculinity interacted with major political and military developments in Western Europe, from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-twentieth century.

Central topics include the evolution of male citizenship, universal military conscription, gendered constructions of nationalism and men’s experiences of modern warfare, as well as the impact of new forms of political masculinities on processes of democratization and the emergence of modern welfare states.

The course provides an overview of the emergence of this field of historical research during the past 20 years. The students also acquire theoretical tools that can be generally applied for analyzing political and military history from a gender perspective with a focus on men and masculinities.

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Exchange coordinator: Andreas Bloch,
Main teacher: Anders Ahlbäck,
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