Visuell och materiell kultur, Grundnivå, 15.0hp, ST 2017

The course aims to offer knowledge that respond to society’s growing need for theoretical competence in the fields of visual and material culture studies. The course is intended for students with a background in a wide range of subjects in the fields of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences as well as for professionals working in the visual field who wish to advance their theoretical skills. The course provides an introduction to a range of theoretical perspectives and methods for the study of visual and material expressions in a broad sense and the ways in which such expressions produce and communicate knowledge, norms, values and identities in different social and cultural contexts. Analytical tools for the interpretation of visualizations of material culture, their production and consumption, will be presented with examples from various fields, such as anthropology, art, design, fashion, film, media communication and popular culture. The course is taught in English.

Visuell och materiell kultur

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Grundnivå 3 st:
- Grundnivå: Hossein Sheiban,
- Grundnivå: Magnus Linnarsson,
- Lärarutbildningen: Mattias Tydén,
Avancerad nivå: Gabriela Bjarne Larsson,
Utbildning på forskarnivå: Johnny Wijk,
Kulturvetenskapliga utbildningar: Anna Götlind,

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