Canon Law – the medieval Church Law – had a marked influence upon Scandinavian societies and laws, lay as well as ecclesiastical. Still, Canon Law remains an all too understudied aspect of Nordic history. To encourage more engagement with this remarkable legal system, and to help train a new generation of scholars working with laws and legal questions in the medieval Scandinavian context, we invite participants to join in an intensive workshop that will bring together early career researchers from across the Nordic countries with Canon Law and legal experts from Scandinavia.

Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, Cod. Bodmer 75, f. 90r – Gratianus, Decretum (cum glossa ordinaria) ( CC BY-NC 4.0, cropped.

In so doing, participants will not only benefit from the knowledge, skills, and tools gained in the course, but also from the valuable networking opportunities that the workshop will provide.

Organized in cooperation with the Centre for Medieval Studies at Stockholm University, the workshop, consisting of lectures and group work, will provide an in-depth introduction to medieval canon law, with the aim to

1. Contribute to a better understanding of what Canon Law was in the Medieval context, its theoretical foundations and how it worked in practice, as well as its influence on Scandinavia, both with regards to its application in the region and influence on secular and ecclesiastical legislation.

2. Provide practical knowledge of and skills for researchers to navigate and interpret Canon Law sources.

3. Benefit participants by situating their learning in Canon Law’s original context, Rome.

The doctoral course consists of a four-day workshop including lectures by international experts, presentations by participants and practical group work with source material, as well as half-day excursions to relevant sites and monuments in Rome, including the Lateran Church and the Vatican Archives. Find the full program and requirements in the pdf below.

To apply: submit 1) a one-page description of your project, and 2) a CV, latest on 1st December to and

Call for Applications Canon Law Course (95 Kb)