En bild av medeltida akademiker samlade för föreläsning.

The Centre for medieval studies organises the interdisciplinary medieval seminar at the Department of History. The seminar offers a platform for cooperation between different disciplines and gives opportunities for scholars to present new publications, projects and ongoing research. Presentations are held in Swedish or English depending on the subject and speaker. The seminars are open to the public and no sign-up is needed. Welcome!

Autumn 2021:

27 september: Henrik Lagerlund, Sylvain Roudaut, Department of Philosophy, SU,  Erik Åkerlund, The Newman Institute, Uppsala
The Mechanization of Philosophy between 1300 and 1700

11 oktober: Olle Ferm, Historiska Institutionen, SU
Svenska studenter i Paris

25 oktober: Daniel Sävborg, Tartu universitet
Uppsalakungarna. Dikt – Tradition – Historia.

15 november: Anja Rathmann-Lutz, Universität Basel
Narrating Change in the 12th Century. Theory and the Body

29 november: Samu Niskanen, Helsinki University
Publication and anti-intellectual rhetoric as hermeneutical keys to Anselm's (†1109) Proslogion.

13 december: Anthony Lappin, Department of Romance and Classical Studies, SU
Early Mission to the Muslims: the Monk of France and Zaragoza in the late eleventh century