Nevra Biltekin
Nevra Biltekin

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Mina forskningsintressen rör sig mellan genushistoria, transnationell historia, migrationshistoria, och kulturhistoria. I min avhandling studerade jag diplomatyrkets formering i Sverige under 1900-talet. Inom ramen för min doktorsavhandling har jag också publicerat artiklar om diplomatfruns roll inom diplomati och memoarskrivandets form och funktion. För närvarande driver jag ett postdok projekt som handlar om relationen mellan transnationell migration och kulturell diplomati. Inom projektet studerar jag hur svenska emigrantkvinnor i USA arbetade med olika typer av kulturella verksamheter för att bevara och främja svenska traditioner och svensk kultur under 1900-talet. Emigrantkvinnor har vid olika tidpunkter agerat som kulturdiplomater för Sverige, trots att de till synes inte har någon koppling till officiella diplomatiska kanaler.

Research profile

I am a gender historian doing research within transnational history and new diplomatic history. My 2016 doctoral dissertation studied the development of the diplomatic profession in Sweden. I have also published articles about the semi-official roles of wives of diplomats, as well as the memoir genre as a source of historical inquiry. My ongoing postdoc project focuses on the ways in which Swedish immigrant women in the United States engaged in cultural activities in their new homeland and, by doing so, contributed to the development of cultural relations between Sweden and the United States. Immigrant women usually did not have a mandate to act officially on behalf of their home country, and their activities within the cultural field did not lead to formal agreements or treaties. Therefore, we know very little about how immigrant female groups in practice contributed to diplomatic relations. One central purpose of the project is to expand our notion of what constitutes diplomatic agency.

Valda publikationer

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